Book Buyer

Loves to buy books, the older the better, but hates selling them.  Positions chairs, rugs and displays in their proper locations.  In short, Brenda is the proprietor’s mother.



Harriett started Loganberry Books in 1994, acknowledging that what she liked best about perpetual school was the physical objects called books. Her personal biblio interests range from Robert Lawson to Virginia Woolf and various and sundry illustrated editions of Alice in Wonderland and old lepidoptera.

photo by Janet CenturyOtis

Otis joined us in the spring of 2008. Harriett was leaving for work when all of a sudden a very loud grey-and-white kitten appeared and demanded a job in book sales. He was very persuasive and Harriett decided to offer him a position. And that is how Loganberry Books became “the bookstore with the cat.”

Store Manager

Emily Austin Rose graduated from college with a BFA and a desire to work in a museum.  Driven by this desire she has spent her career working in places that impart knowledge and foster a sense of community, including various museums and cultural institutions around the country.  Now, she is proud to add Loganberry Books to that list.  Married with a teen-aged son, she loves to spend her time outside of work, hiking, biking, cooking, traveling, visiting museums, listening to music, watching movies and reading books.


Out-of-print specialist

Rebecca has spent a checkered career reading as much as possible, to the detriment of any other activity.  She spent many years as an announcer and interviewer for classical music radio, and has been known to commit theatre on various occasions.  She is married with 2 teenagers.

Fiction specialist

As our resident local author, Sarah is in charge of the LitArts room, which includes all of our literature and genre fiction.  She shelves the copious incoming inventory, and helps customers find the perfect read (even if she does tend towards dark and depressing tales herself).  She also manages our monthly Book Club, sending books out to happy readers in Cleveland, Boston, and even Australia.

Book Seller/Gallery Manager

Ami was a teen librarian in a past life and loves working with teenagers. She also has a new found love for exercise and fitness and would love to share it with you. Her reading interests are mainly Scifi, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy and Graphic Novels and just about anything written for teens.

Classics Club

Christine is a former YA librarian, archivist, and armchair Cleveland historian. She enjoys reading about mythology and folklore, ancient mystery religions, and anything that lampoons modern American culture. Christine is also the editor-in-chief of The Cleveland Review and a 2012 recipient of the Cuyahoga Arts and Culture Creative Workforce Fellowship.

Book Seller

Rachel recently graduated from Kent State University with her Master’s in Library Sciences. She also has a BA from Wittenberg University in Theater.  She loves to read across genres, focusing a lot of her attention on horror, especially anything with zombies or post-apocalyptic. Her favorite authors include Stephen King and Joe Hill. When not reading or working, she also loves movies, cooking and playing video games.

Classics Club





Darcy is a second year English graduate student who focuses on medieval literature. She is constantly compiling summer reading lists for her leisure time and can’t seem to ever get to every book! This minor detail hasn’t stopped her from trying.

Bookseller/Card Specialist

Maura is your go to lass for all card and gift needs—she’ll even work to find you an item not currently on the floor if the occasion calls for it. She may lack the book expertise of her admirable staff, but that doesn’t stop her from doing all that she can to help every customer in their reading adventures (and doing so with a smile)! Aside from working at Loganberry, Maura is a singer-songwriter in Cleveland and performs locally with her band, Maura Rogers and The Bellows. Maura enjoys trips to the dog park with Maya and Ruby, eating sushi, a fine glass of Merlot, traveling to new places, and music that gives her goose bumps.

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