Our 16th year of participation in the International Edible Books Festival was Saturday, April 6th, 2019. Precisely two dozen delicious and creative entries kept us entertained, amused, and well fed. The puns seem to multiply every year… Thanks to everyone who participated!

Sprinkle in Thyme, by Colleen Domerell, winner, Best in Show

The Virginian, by Megan Schill
Winner, Best Binding

Lord of the Wings, by Jane Najlepszy, Winner, Best Pun

The Giving Tree, by Michi Grey, Winner, Most Literary

Legend of Sleepy Challah, by Amie Albert, Winner, Best Pun

James and the Giant Peach Pie, by Megan Schill, Winner, Most Appetizing

 Twilight Rasa: New Moon, by Avery Bandy-Zalatoris, Helena & Juliet Duffy, Sophia Muller, Winner, Junior Award

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Debra Harris, Winner, Junior Award 

Cookie Quilt by Donita, Winner, Honorable Mention 

 The Seven Dials Mystery by Patty Conrad, Winner, Honorable Mention

What House Are You? by Marinchick Yehl, Winner, Honorable Mention

Book by Gene Epstein 

Loganberry Books by Rachel Krislov 


Dinner Table (Judy Chicago) by Pamela Noll 

 Little Fires Everywhere by Annette Sutherland

Zen & Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Ellen Strong 

Troubled Bridge on the River Kwai by C. E. Goggans 

Flowers for Algernon by Natalie Isvarin-Love 

 Smaug by Otis

Alice in Wonderland by Margaret Boswell 

The 5 Peeps You Eat Are Heavenly by Margaret Simon

Hugo Cabernet by Margaret Simon 

Islands In Ice Cream by Irene Winslow

Some of the crowd at the 2019 Edible Books Festival

An award winner receiving a bookish prize

After the voting and awards, digging into the edible book entries