263D: A girl and her teddy bear (Solved)

Hello, I’m looking for a book I had as a child. It’s about a teddy bear who is owned by a little girl, and on her birthday she has a party. He can hear all the noise and excitement and gets curious. So he sneaks down the stairs and watches what’s going on through the railing. The girl is opening her presents and is so excited and happy that the teddy thinks she must not want him anymore. So he goes back upstairs and crawls under her bed to hide and be forgotten. Some time later, the little girl and her friend are playing in her room and happen to look under the bed, and they find the teddy bear, he is all dusty and ripped up. The girl is so happy, and her and her friend get the sewing kit and play hospital while they sew him up.


I have been searching for years and so has my mom. She has suggested that perhaps I remember two books as one, but I know that’s not the case. Please help! Thank you so much!

5 thoughts on “263D: A girl and her teddy bear (Solved)

  1. Rose

    Actually, I meant to write ‘I don’t know if that’s the case’ haha. If I am remembering two separate books, so be it haha. (:

  2. Susan

    I know this request is nearly a year old, but I just discovered this website. The book is Fuzzy Rabbit, by Rosemary Billam, from 1982. And yes, it’s all one story.

  3. Kirsten Donaldson Wheal

    I know exactly what this is, because my four-year-old loves it!

    The British title is “Alpaca”, but it’s the same story, by Rosemary Billam. The little girl is Ellen and and her friend is Mary.

    I always thought Alpaca was a weird name for a rabbit.

    There was at least one more Alpaca book, “Alpaca in the Park”, in which Mary’s dog runs away with him while Ellen is round at her house, and he has to make his way home from the park on his own. (He does!)

  4. Susan

    We also have “Fuzzy Rabbit Saves Christmas.” There are a couple other books. Interesting to know about “Alpaca Rabbit”!


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