362O: Child Finds Way Home by North Star

I’m trying to think of a book I used to read probably around the year 2000.

The kid (can’t remember if it’s a boy or girl) lives on a farm with their dad, their mother has died. Every Christmas Eve they give the barn animals Christmas treats. At some point the kid gets lost in the woods with their dog. They follow the North Star to head back home and are found by the dad and their neighbor.

3 thoughts on “362O: Child Finds Way Home by North Star

  1. Heidi

    The book I’m looking for ( for the last 25 yrs or more )
    Is very similar to yours. A brother an sister , very spoiled children, get sent to their grandparents farm against their wishes. While they are they’re the girl gets lost in woods and comes to a barn where the animals tell her about the birth of Jesus . The girl tells her brother about the animals and the next night they go see the animals again. When Christmas comes they are filled with true joy an tell their grandparents they want to come back next yr for Christmas.


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