368C: Service Boys dirt track car racing series (Solved!)

– Fiction – Vintage series – 1970s or earlier – about dirt track racing written for kids. It was checked located in the children’s section of the library. Trying to find these books as a gift for a friend who remembers them very fondly, but doesn’t remember details, just that it was a series and of course, that it was about dirt track car racing.

6 thoughts on “368C: Service Boys dirt track car racing series (Solved!)

  1. Gill

    Margaret and George Ogan wrote some books that sound similar to the description, and 1960s-70s

    I’m not sure if they were a series, though. Titles included “Backyard Winner”, “Pancake Special”, “Devil Drivers”, “Raceway Charger” and “Desert Road Racer”

    1. Anne

      Thank you – I’ll look in to them – my friend’s memory is sketchy, so it may not have been a series as they remember.

    2. Anne

      You were right -thank you so much! I was able to find and buy a few of these books. My friend was thrilled and said they are as much fun to read as she remembered!

  2. Marisa

    Maybe ‘Dirt Bike Racer’ by Matt Christopher (1979)?

    Offhand I don’t recall any sequels, but Christopher was prolific and wrote mostly about kids and sports.


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