371A: The Girl Attends All Boy Calligraphy School (Solved!)

I’d read this in the 8th grade which I’d loaned from my schools library but it’s about this young white girl who attends an all boy’s calligraphy school at the calligraphy teacher’s farm home. I don’t remember how she got the chance to attend the school but I remember she’s not well off and her youngest brother is sick. Before she leaves on the train to the school her older brother buys her a grey wool bonnet and writes to her while she is away. 
There was a page of the book that had shown one of her brother’s letters written in the crosshatching/ cross writing technique. While at the school the girl has an assignment that a boy in her class sabotages by spilling ink on it. Little details i remember are her needing a stack of bricks for her to place her feet on because she cannot reach the floor white sitting on her desk, the girl helping a woman remove garden peas from the pod, and her getting ready for a fourth of July festival in the town her school is in. There’s also a mention that her teacher has written his calligraphy in his own blood. 
I believe this was set within the late 1800’s – early 1900’s in the United states. 
I’ve been looking for this book for years so any help whatsoever is appreciated! Thank you so much! 

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  1. Chelle

    Try “A Pebble and A Pen” by Joan Donaldson. “In 1853, fourteen-year-old Matty runs away from the drudgery of farm life to join Mr. Spencer’s famous penmanship school and finds she must meet many challenges to make her way as a female penman.”

    1. Regina

      THAT’S IT!! Thank you so so much, just bought a copy to reread again, thank you so much for your help!!


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