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What is Stump the Bookseller?

Have you forgotten the title of your favorite children’s book? This is a service to help solve your book mysteries.

Submit your memory here, and see if anyone else remembers your book memory, or better yet, knows the title and author!  After all, it’s easier to find the book when you know what it’s called.

This site specializes in children’s books.  There may be other kinds of books you are trying to identify, and you may try your luck here, but know that our strength lies in the realm of books for young readers.

Who solves these book stumpers?

Many people.  We are most fortunate to have interested booksellers, bibliophiles, readers and librarians across the country who enjoy a good riddle, and who share their knowledge with us.  As a result, more than half of these stumpers are typically solved — and when you see how obscure or faint many of these mysteries are, I think you’ll agree that’s pretty good.

Who is Loganberry Books?

Loganberry Books is a used bookstore in Cleveland, Ohio.  This blog is only a small sideline offered as a service to our customers.  If you’re ever in Cleveland, please come by and say hi, and browse our inventory of 80,000 new, used and collectible books.  Our website is www.LoganberryBooks.com

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Helen Storms

    Looking for more info on G158: Goose gets coat caught in door
    Solved: To Market To Market. Do you have author and copyright info? I have found books with that title but none with the old illustrations I am thinking of

  2. Maureen Brennan

    Are you able to locate books that may have been sold in Canada through Scholastic Books? I am looking for a book from my childhood circa 1970 – 1977 – I think. Bought through scholastic books in Laval, Quebec, my home as a child.

  3. Nathan Rule

    Question when you say childrens books is your specialty, does this include YA (and i will use Sweet Valley High) as the level of reading. Also does it include christian YA or books? Both my sister and i have been stumped for years on different books that we read as young ppl and before we submitted a query for each book, i was hoping to know if YA from the 70s or 80s was in your wheelhouse.

  4. laura

    does this children’s book ring a bell?

    Some sort of island story. Ocean. Long boats. It ends with the evil woman rowing the boat and getting stuck in a whirlpool.


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