Author Alley 2016
Featured Authors and Their Books

Author Alley

Adams, Henry                   Chihuly: On Fire; Thomas Hart Benton: Discoveries and Interpretations

Arrington, Dawn                 Sidewalks of Buckeye

Backderf, Derf                   Trashed; My Friend Dahmer; True Stories #1

Bauer, Sara Dobie            Bite Somebody

Becker, Mimi                     Oodles of Doodles

Belt Publishing                   Cleveland Neighborhood Guide Book

Cash, Kenneth P.               Grammar/Spelling; Words of Wisdom; Essay Writing

Chavers, Lisa C.                 The Rhythm of Relationships

Christian, Jeffrey E.          The Headhunters Edge

Connors, Joanna                I Will Find You

Dealoia, Michael C.          The Lost Grand Hotels of Cleveland

Duncan, Ed                        Pigeon-Blood Red

Ewing, Kathy                       Missing: Coming to Terms with a Borderline Mother

Gibans, Nina                      And So I Must Imagine

Henke, James                    Marley Legend; Lennon Legend; Jim Morrison Scrapbook; Rock Pack

Hill, Ron                              Edutoons

Holmes, Meredith            Familiar At First, Then Strange

Jackson, Anita & Beach, Laureen   In the Service of Community: An Honored Elder, The Honorable Judge Perry Brooks Jackson

Keating, W. Dennis            A Brief History of Tremont

Khoury, Rana B.                  As Ohio Goes: Life in the Post-Recession Nation

Landis, Geoffrey                Impact Parameter and Other Quantum Fiction; The Book of Whimsy; Iron Angels

Lowery, Marilyn                 All That Glitter Is Not Gold

Marshall, Matt                  Friction

McGinnis, Marin               Secret Promise

McNiece, Ray; Lachina, Tim          Love Song For Cleveland

Newman, Angela              Sunny Sandy's Rhyming Frenzy

Peskin, Laura M.               Deep Cover Cleveland Volume I & II

Petrone, Susan                  Throw Like a Woman

Quade, Mary                     Local Extinctions

Raso, Idalita Wright         Eye of Saturn: The Daughters of Saturn Book One

Roberts, Les                       Speaking of Murder and 15 other Milan Jacovich Mysteries

Rozelman, Sandy              Politics is a Joke; Who Said Jews Aren't Funny?; Chronic Pain Doesn't Have to Hurt

Salupo, Nick & Laurel      Shopping Cart Filled With Love

Shane, Lena                       Zoody

Silver, Harry R.                   36 Views of Mt. Perry

Springstubb, Tricia            Every Single Second; Cody and the Mysteries of the Universe

Swann, S. Andrew             Dragon Princess; Dragon Thief; Dragon Wizard

Terranova-Webb, Ria         It's in the Basilico: A Memoir (Not a Cookbook)

Thompson, Marrisa          Colored in Love  

Thornton, Ericka              Are You Sure That You Are Ready?

Turzillo, Mary A.               Lovers & Killers

Webb, Anthony                  In the Garden

Webb, Craig A.                  Varoom: The Passion of EZ Cash

Zurcher, Neil                      Best of One-Tank Trips; Ohio Oddities; Strange Tales from Ohio; Tales from the Road