309X: Cereal Box Mansion

Mom sends young boy to buy cereal. Instead of the supermarket, he goes to run-down neighborhood store. The cereal is not good, but the back of the cereal box is part of a set that combines to build a model of a Victorian mansion. Boy returns to store to buy more of the cereal, builds mansion. Ghost of sad young woman appears. She was the daughter of the cereal manufacturer. The mansion had been torn down, the rest of the cereal boxes had been discarded, and this is the last model of the house existing. She had been in love, forbidden to marry, and died in grief. Meanwhile, the boy befriends a sad old man. Eventually, he realizes that the man and ghost had been in love, many years earlier. He races home to get the house, and finds that his mother has cleaned his room, and burned the house in the incinerator. Pre-1970s.

309U: Illustrated colour hardcover short stories from around world

I am looking for a children’s book I had as a child. It had short stories (1-2 pages) per story and they were different stories from around the world. There were a lot of different stories – at least 25 plus.

I recall three – one was the leprachaun, another about a boy who had egg nest soup and I think there was one about ananzi

I got the book as a gift – it would have been late 1980’s or early 1990’s. I think it would have been published in South Africa.

309T: Poems, myths, legends, fables, bios and much more

I am looking for an anthology of children’s literature that I received as a new book in the late 60’s or very early 70’s. It was a single volume and quite thick. It was divided by genre similar to, but not exactly like, THE CHILDREN’S HOUR 16 volume collection. It was also on a similar reading level. There were poems, myths, legends, fables, bios and much more. I remember those categories because they were my favorites. I specifically remember Pandora’s Box, Arachne, The Oak and the Linden. Any tips or information would be greatly appreciated.

309S: Miguel, The Dirty One

The book I am looking for is/was a children’s book that I loved as a child. I was born in 1955 so I am guessing the book was published in the 1940s or 1950s. I checked it out, with the help of my mother, from the Pittsburg, California Public Library. I think I remember that the cover of the book was red and the illustrations were in black and white.

It was about a little Hispanic boy, Mexican, I think,  who hated to take a bath. His family and village all must convince him to take a bath for some special celebration. I think the name of the book was the boy’s name, maybe Miguel, The Dirty One.


309R: She unknowingly falls in love with her brother

A homeless man kidnaps a baby for ransom. She’s sick. He breaks back into house to steal her medicine. Her parents die before paying ransom. He raises the baby as his own. He becomes wealthy. She grows up thinking she is his daughter then falls in love with her bio brother. The kidnapper takes his own life confessing all in his suicide note. More details below.

The kidnapper was homeless and sleeping on a bench. He had covered himself in newspapers to keep warm. One of the newspapers he was using to cover himself had a story about a kidnapping for ransom.  He got the idea to do the same (kidnap a baby for ransom). So he takes a baby and then hears on the news that she is sick and will die without her medicine. Despite the risk, he breaks back into the house and steals her medicine.

Meanwhile the police find a baby and call the parents to come to the police station to find out if it is their baby. On the way to the police station the parents are in a car accident and die.

The man doesn’t return the baby to her relatives but instead moves to another country and raises her as his daughter. She believes she is his daughter. The man works very hard and becomes fabulously wealthy. The girl grows up and falls in love with a boy. The man is very protective and does a background check on the boy and discovers that he is the girl’s biological brother.

The man cannot bring himself to face the girl, so he kills himself, leaving behind a letter where he tells her the truth.

The book was read pre-1973ish. And to up the difficulty a notch: she would have read it in Spanish, so maybe it was a translation of something English, maybe not.

309Q: The lonely star

I remember this book from when I was little. I can’t remember, author, title, country of origin, date published, etc. But I know it exists because recently I saw a sign for a paint store in Mexico that had the main character of the book as the logo. So of course now I’m on a mission to find it.
The book had a color scheme of only black, white and red, similar to ‘Harold and the Purple Crayon’, but red instead of purple. The main character was in the shape of a star. Could’ve been a ghost? It lived in a big lonely mansion. It discovers a paintbrush and a can of red paint. It begins painting red spirals. First on the walls, the curtains, the furniture and then on animals and trees. So it gives a deer longer spiral red horns and a bird longer spiral red feathers. It gives trees longer spiral red branches and flowers more petals. I was born in 1982 and I must’ve come across it when I was about 8-10 years old, at the time I lived in Mexico, but I believe it was in English.
I appreciate your help and hopefully this helps shed more light on the mystery.

309P: Mother mallard and her ducklings

Mother Mallard builds nest and hatches a number of ducklings (all with human names). They then face the perils of nature. I remember one disappearing from the nest. (fox).  The smallest one and last in swimming line suddenly disappears underwater (snapping turtle).  The book is probably from the 50’s.  It is a realistic story and I had a love/hate relationship with it.  I threw it out when I was in college (too bad).  I would like to find it again.

309O: Historic Jesus by two anthropologists

Sited on NPR with interview of authors between 10 and 15 years ago (?).  They describe Jesus in he context of the Roman political power and the strain on the economies via taxes etc. and how Jesus was a counter culture.  Also, I remember they assert that it was highly unlikely that anyone was allowed to remove his body from the cross and they describe the sect of Christians who lived in Jerusalem who saw Jesus not as divine but as a prophet and how they were all killed off in the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans.

309N: Warsaw Ghetto and Auschwitz Survivalist

True story about a young (12-14 year old) Jewish boy who uses his wit, street-wise and athletic abilities to keep one step ahead of his Nazi captors in the Warsaw, Poland ghetto.  For a while he is able to secure items for people trapped in that prison-like environment by sneaking out of the ghetto and returning unnoticed.   Eventually he is sent to Auschwitz concentration camp.  He escapes by hiding in a railway car leaving the site with packed clothing.  He goes back to Warsaw to warn others about conditions at Auschwitz and joins the Jewish fighters in the ghetto uprising against the occupying German army.  He again is sent to Auschwitz and escapes a second time by hiding under a truck leaving the prison.  He survives World War II and ultimately publishes the book about his exploits only after his wife perishes in a house fire.  I do not know the name of the book or the date of publication.