I am hopeful you can help me in my search for a book I had as a child.

Unfortunately I do not remember the title.

I believe it was about using your imagination and starred two children (boy and girl) and possibly their family.

The entire book had simplistic pen and ink illustrations in black and white with washes of pink and blue ink as the only colors in the book.

One of the main illustrations I remember was of the children eating clouds, they had plates of clouds and were eating them like spaghetti, wrapping them around forks and having a grand feast.

Date range: I had this book as a child between 1975-80, but the book could easily be from the 60’s-70’s.

If I remember correctly, the book was a paperback in horizontal format, approx 9 or 10” wide by 5 or 6” tall.

305G: …turns out, he shouldn’t have

I read a YA fantasy or sci fi book in the mid to late 70s. I was 10 to 13 years old. I checked the book out at the same time as Enchantress of the Stars. The protagonist was a young boy or teen who thought his world was unfair. One of the rules was that no one was to drink stream water. The world was ruled by judges. The protagonist thought this was an unfair system. He drank the water, turns out he shouldn’t have. Also, because he questioned authority (spoiler alert) he became a judge. Thanks!

I believe the authors last name began with an A or B. I reread it a few times as a kid and seem to remember finding it before Baum (I read all of his Oz books), alphabetically.

305F: A little bit Flipper and a little bit Frank

In the early 80s, I read almost every book in a juvenile fiction series of adventure stories. Covers we’re likely library hardbacks so probably not helpful but were green with line drawings of multiple kinds of adventures. Books includes some line illustrations. I think the series may have had multiple authors, possibly different kinds of adventures, but I most remember the diving ones. Young adults learning how to dive, learning about the bends, exploring, mostly ocean research, I think, but maybe combating poachers or sea criminals?!? I think of a combination of “Flipper” and the Frank Crisp books. Series seems like it was probably from 60s or 70s.

305E: Little Whisker Wax

A little mouse is trying to guess what his mother wants for Christmas. He makes many guesses. One of the guesses is “my little whisker wax.” Ultimately the mother wants a hug for Christmas. The book was available as long ago as the early 1960s

305D: The beauty of an egg

I am trying to remember a children’s book with a lovely passage about Eggs. It was a poetic prose passage that was a reflection on the fragility of eggs and the new life they contain. I think it is from the point of view of a mother bird. The capitalization of the E was in there unless I’m remembering incorrectly.

I could swear it was EB White but I couldn’t find it. I checked The Secret Garden, Charlotte’s Web, and Make Way for Ducklings, but I didn’t find it. Can anyone identify it? Thanks very much.

305C: Family, priced to sell (Solved)

Dear Book Stumper, 15-20 years ago I acquired a children’s book that was old at that time (it had been in a library that was being closed). I didn’t have the book long before I somehow lost it and since then I’ve not found another copy, nor have I found anyone who has ever heard of such a story. I don’t know the title, but the story line is this:

A man decides he wants a wife so goes to a Wife Store and selects one. After a while the couple decide they want children so they go to a Children Store and select several. As the story goes on, the children are given “names” (numbers or letters), pets, and I think the family gets a home and/or land. Several other stores are involved in the story. I seem to remember that the man’s/ family’s last name was “Hunkendunk,” but am by no means sure about it.

I’ve tried local libraries, local book sellers of new and used books, online, entering what information I remember, without success.  Does this story line ring a bell with anyone out there?


305B: Unicorn horns for sale

We forget the title and author, but my daughter Elizabeth remembers her favorite book from a trip to our library in 1990 or before. I would love to purchase a copy if at all possible! It was a hardback book with pastel illustrations. They story live involved a boy whose mother left him at home while she went shopping. He left on his own adventure with a bear in a top hat who took him to a magical land. They visited a street which had magic shops – a la Diagon Alley (from Harry Potter fame). One store had a basket of unicorns horns for sale. The trip ended when the boy rushed to get home before his mother did. That’s about all we can remember – except the story was so vivid, my daughter spent hours in the backyard reliving it and adding to the wonderful shops in her imagination.


305A: A river runs through it?

I am trying to locate a children’s book that I read as a child in elementary school in Middle Tennessee. I cannot remember the title or the author, but would love to locate the book for my students. I believe the time period was in the 1800s and it was about a girl who lived near a river that froze due to record breaking low temperatures causing the river to freeze. I thought it was about the Cumberland River (near Nashville, TN) but it might have been the Mississippi River (near Memphis) or ever the Ohio River? I remember that the book mentioned the mother warming a brick, wrapping it it flannel, and placing it in the girl’s bed to warm it prior to her sleeping.  I believe it also mentioned that horse drawn wagons were able to cross the icy river. I’m sorry that I don’t have more information; I have been looking for this book for years and would appreciate any assistance that you could provide. Thanks for your help.

304Z: Frosting was everywhere

I’m trying to find a book that I read in the 90’s. Not sure when it was published. It was a large hard cover book with pictures and several short stories. One of the stories was about a poor brother and sister who had to walk past a bakery every day. The owner was rude to them. One day as they walked by, they saw the frosting machine had tangled the owner, and frosting was everywhere. They helped her and she was nice and gave them baked goods. Another story was about a girl with 2 sisters who were trying to woo a prince. She baked him a pie, I think it was strawberry. And it won his heart. I hope this is enough info. Thanks!