333Z: Australian Teenager on the Road, Searching for Biological Mother

In the first half of 2002, I got most of the way through a self-contained YA mystery series. I think there were ten books in total, each about 100-120 pages, probably published recently. I was attending a Canadian high school at the time and discovered the series while volunteering at another school’s library. I read all but the last one (I suspect the school year ended before I had a chance to borrow that one). I’d like to know how the series concluded, but every attempt I’ve made at finding these books online has hit a dead end. I either find nothing, or I find an earlier online description of the series that I wrote in 2015.
The protagonist is a young woman from Australia (as I recall), about sixteen, named something like Blake or Blaine. The series has her name in the title along the lines of ‘The Blake Journals’ or ‘The Blaine Files’ or the like. The first volume opens with her leaving home in a carefully thought-out plan to run away. She disappears in the middle of the night, grabs her possessions, and takes to the road on some kind of motor scooter or moped. We eventually learn that her goal is to locate her biological mother, who vanished years ago. As I recall, there’s very little in terms of action-adventure: this is more about a quiet and painstaking solo quest.
The books’ cover images were nearly identical. They all had the series title in large yellow-and-black typography, staggered a bit for a vintage-typewriter look to convey mystery/edginess. If I had to guess, a publishing house cranked these out in a short period of time as a one-off, but clearly the series intrigued me enough that I read about 90% of it, and now I’m finding it tantalizing.


333Y: SciFi Plot Fragment – The Harmony and The Melody

I read this book at the Boulder Library, it was written in this century (I think).
Earth humans are subjugated by a technologically superior species.  At first the foolish Earthlings (are there any other kind?) think the superior species is a bunch of evil meanies.   They come to find out that the meanies are actually helpful in protecting humans from far more pitiless and powerful adversaries, who have factions called Harmony and Melody, and when a defector from the adversary conveys information to the meanies, it is compelled to destroy itself because it’s contaminated by inferiors.

333X: SciFi Plot Fragment – Tacretude, species on the run from galactic gene police

I read this book at the Boulder Library, it was written in this century (I think).
The plot was a little reminiscent of Sundiver.  It was a story of species (humans among them) who were on the run from galactic genetic police.  The time scales were long enough for tectonic plate subduction to bury middens.  A species’ essential nature and behavior was called Tarcretude or Tacreteude.

333W: A Ducky Fairy Tale

Looking for a fairy tale that was last read in the 1960's, story of a duck who goes to the north, south, east, and west winds and pleads for them not to freeze his pond for the winter. The duck swims and swims to keep his pond from freezing, not sure how the tale ends. It was in a collection of Scandinavian fairy tales.

333V: Limited series of choose your own ending books

I am looking for (what I recall as a grade school kid in the early 90’s) a book series where you could choose your own ending. Similar to the popular “Choose Your Own Adventure” and “Which Way” series of books. I recall there being approximately 5-7 books with purple hardback covers. For some reason, I feel like I remember my school librarian telling me, after I read all the books and wanted more, that the authors didn’t make any more of the books and that there was only 1 volume.
I know this is a long shot! But I thought I’d try! Thanks so much!

333U: A Three Star Bear or The Three Star Bear, maybe even Three Star Bear

What the story is about is a little bear, who is always good and always on the right side of everything, receives three stars and then brags to his friends – a raccoon, a rabbit, and I don’t remember the others.  But his friends get tired of the bragging and say something not very nice, so he decides to be a bad bear instead.  I think he ties the raccoon’s fur in knots.  But in the end, he fixes everything and learns his lesson.  It was maybe a 20-page book with illustrations on every page.

The front of the book has the little bear walking through the woods.  Kind of pink or peach border around the picture.  The picture is just black and white, no color.  The little bear looks a lot like the bear in the stories of “Little Bear” by Else Holmelund Minarik; however, they are not by the same author.

I was in Elementary School when we found it at the library one day, and it was my mother’s favorite book of all time.  I still remember my mother reading it to me and how she made me laugh, and I would love to get it for her.  I just can’t find this book.

I am 42 now and it was 1982-989 time frame that it was in the library.  If you can find this, it would be a welcome surprise for my mother.  Thank you for your time on this.

333T: Boy Uses Light to De-Age Dog and Sister

This is a middle grade book probably published before 2008. It's about a boy who likes science and has an old dog and a teenage sister. The family goes to visit their grandfather, who's dying, and while there the boy discovers a light or something in the attic/grandpa's office. The boy then uses the light to de-age his dog back into a puppy and his angsty sister back into a pre-teen. He then tries to convince the grandfather to de-age himself to be healthy again, but the grandfather tells him not to. I remember the scene where the sister got de-aged because she was really different and kind of confused, since she had drifted away from the friends she had at that age and was suddenly signing up for high school classes. She called up some old friends and kind of made up with them, I think. I also think the boy had a microscope and a fort in his bedroom that he hid the light in while trying to figure out how it worked. I can't remember the title of this book, who wrote it, or what it looks like. Please help!

333S: Teenage Girl Helps Orphaned Foxes in their Den

My mom (born in 1960) has long searched for this book she read in her childhood. She consulted with librarians and even wrote a letter to the Toronto Star, but none of the suggestions were it. She gave up in the '90s. It was a picture book (for children) about a teenage girl who finds a den of orphaned fox cubs and cares for them in the den, rather than taking them home. The illustrations were in pencil crayon or pastel style. She believes it wasn't an old book back then, so it was probably published in the late '50s or '60s.


333R: Interactive Alphabet Sounds

I am looking for a children’s interactive alphabet sound book that was purchased in the 90's at either Price Club or Costco. I believe it had a white cover with the soundboard of alphabet letters attached to the side of the book. Each letter would play a sound. All I can remember is that the “T” was for trombone. This is all I can remember at this point. Thank you!

333Q: Children Taken From Homes, Renamed Alphabetically

In the mid 1980’s, I read a book at the local library. I only have vague memories of it. It was an odd story about 5 children who were “taken” from their homes. They wake up in a vehicle, and are told that some of them were given up freely by their parents and the others were kidnapped. They are renamed alphabetically by age. I believe the first kid was renamed Alex. At the end of the book, the children are given the option to return to their homes, and some decide not to.
I don’t remember any other content of this book, or the title or the author. I found the book in the children’s section of our library. Any chance you could help me find it?