345U: Virgin Islands young adult mystery

I am searching for a young adult mystery that was set in the Virgin Islands.  The protagonist, a young woman, receives a message from her father on an alphabet shell.  I think it was her father, who is a doctor, and who has been abandoned on an island.
Please help me.  This book was a seminal influence on my desire to live on islands. I now live in Manhattan.

340Y: Hidden Paintings and Blueberries

I am looking for a children’s mystery book about several siblings who are spending the summer in an old house and find several paintings hidden in the house by a deceased but famous painter. It seems as though their grandmother is with them and they spend time picking blueberries. I thought the name of the book was Blueberry Summer or The Blue Boy but these titles don’t match the book I remember. The book is about 50 -60 years old.

338O: Girl searches for spinet-playing doll (Solved!)

I’m looking for a book that was written probably in the 1960’s, possibly early 1970’s.  I think the title contained the words “secret friends”. It is about a girl and her best friend who stumble across a mystery involving 2, or maybe 3, mechanical dolls. Her father owns an antique store. He has one of the dolls, a girl sitting at a desk who dips a pen in an inkwell and writes. The other is a girl playing the spinet. I remember the clue to the mystery was found inside the doll.

338I: Kids trapped in house, chased by a mummy and Anubis

I am looking for a children’s book I read between 1985-1988. Maybe a scholastic book. It had a dark yellow paper back cover. It was a mystery book. It was geared for the 3rd to 5th grade crowd.

It was about a boy and a girl (siblings maybe) that were trapped in a house.  There was a mummy and a statue of Anubis that came alive and chased them around the house. The whole book took place in one night

Please help me. I have been going crazy trying to remember!

338A: The Mystery of the Missing Twin (or maybe sister)

This is a kids mystery book, probably written in the early 70s.  The author’s last name was at the end of the alphabet–Mayba a W.  
Two sisters–I think twins, but they may be triplets, where two are identical and the third isn’t.  The girls are on vacation in either Newfoundland or Nova Scotia.  They run into another girl who looks exactly like one (or two) of them.  the non-identical sister is convinced she’s adopted, and that the girl they saw is the actual twin (or triplet) of the others.  They try to find the girl again, but she’s been kidnapped.  
There’s a whole mystery involving caves and some missing jewelry? The parents are kind of cagey about why they’re In Canada, so they’re not a lot of help, although they are present. They’re at a lawyers office quite often, giving the girls unsupervised time.  They use the resemblance between the kidnapped girl and the sister to trap the crooks somehow, with the fathers involvement.

At the end, it’s revealed that the kidnapped girl is their cousin, which is why she looks like them. I think the parents were trying to arrange to adopt her.
I’ve been trying to remember this for awhile, but can’t.  Googling just brings up a lot of results, which aren’t helpful.
Thanks for any help!


337X: Brother Who Grows Pot and Sister Who Works As Barista

This book appears to be written by an ex-boyfriend and girlfriend who agree to write alternating chapters. The book includes their email conversations as they struggle over where the plot will go and rehash relationship mishaps.  It is very funny.  The mystery plot involves a brother and sister who live in a rural area.  He grows pot illegally and she works as a barista….

337H: Murder mystery where a fake town in Europe is created to prevent solving

Think I read this in the 90s. May have been translated from French (or another language?) I think the book starts in America in modern times - late 20th century. A person's friend/partner/significant other(?) dies or is killed. The person, who I think is male, goes to a city in Europe, possibly Paris, to find out more. During his investigating, he talks to various people, goes into buildings, etc. One of these people is a nurse who eventually gets her throat slit, and he either sees it happen or finds the body. ***spoilers coming*** Some time after this, he sees the nurse, alive, on the street, and no longer a nurse. He goes back to some of the buildings where he had talked to people, only to discover that they are completely empty abandoned buildings. . . an entire scenario had been set up that didn't actually exist. He realizes that everyone he has talked to and all the places he has been were in fact people playing characters and places that were only set up to trick him into not solving this murder. I really thought this book was called either Facade or Charade, but the books I've found online with those titles are not this book. . . so maybe it's a one word title.

336F: Children Find Fine Art

This was a 90’s children’s mystery novel that I read as a 3rd or 4th grader in 1996 or so. It was an un-illustrated chapter book. I can’t remember much else about the plot other than the characters were sorting out someone’s estate and found a very fine piece of stained glass art (lamp, vase or pitcher perhaps). The author did an excellent job describing the art – that’s what all my friends and I loved about the book. I also remember at the end of the book they are able to see all of the other pieces of the art collection that belonged with it.

335W: Luton Cabbie Mystery (Solved!)

Mid-1990s to mid-2000’s publication date, more likely 1998-2003. Mystery novel set in Luton, England. Protagonist is black cabdriver of West Indian/Caribbean origin. Unfortunately, I can’t recall the mystery he gets involved in. I liked the author’s portrayal of an overlooked airport town, the character and the look into his culture. Although I read a lot of British mysteries, this one’s setting was unusual and the mood of it has stayed with me. I have wondered if it was part of a series or a one-off.