314G: Duck Looking for Water

The book I am trying to find is about a little duck that is looking for water but there is no rain so he finds a truck that is spilling water out of the back to follow. My father-in-law had this book as a child in the 1950’s and passed it to my husband but it is now lost. They don’t remember a title or even possible words, they do recall it having wonderful pictures and illustrations. Any help is appreciated!

314F: Sea Princess and Scuba Diver

I’m looking for help finding an old childhood book – I have a feeling the titled included the words “black monster” or “princess of the sea”), but I know the last I read it was in 1997. It was about a (red?) haired princess who lived by the sea (the cover featured her in a patterned dress standing by the water, with a castle on a cliff behind her). The kingdom is being threatened by a black monster/a sea creature. However after much determination and sleuthing, the princess discovers that it’s only a scuba diver come to visit. At the end, they become friends and she ditches the kingdom to go diving with him. The artwork was very beautiful and almost realistic, but heavily stylized and had so many nice patterns. I’m still depressed my mother donated the book years ago, and it’s been killing me that I still can’t find it! So any help would be appreciated!!

313W: An Old Easter Story

This book has an Easter theme or at least involved rabbits who produced these really ornate Easter eggs; some, or at least one of them, had another world inside it. I recall something about a Grand bunny or master rabbit or similar; but, there also seemed to be some kind of theme where a child escapes their current world into one of the eggs (like a pied piper kind of story).


313T: Vehicles of the Future

Early 1980s book I checked out of my local grade school library.  I left that school in 1986/1987 so it would have been published prior to that and it didn’t appear to be brand new when I checked it out.  What I recall:

1980s children’s picture book about future vehicles (in a similar style of Syd Mead). My primary focus of the book was the submarine image as I was obsessed with the ocean at the time.  The submarine appeared to have solar panels on the top of the hull and a raised platform (similar to the control portion of an aircraft carrier) that had the shape of a fin (like sports cars have on the rear) with two risers and a flattened, wing like top.  I believe (but could be mistaken) that there was a helicopter landing pad on the raised platform.

The submarine itself was massive and the front swept back like a manta ray or a shark’s pectoral fins.  The front “fins” had two, large engines (appeared to be similar to jet-intake engines like on a large plane) but obviously for aquatic propulsion.

I have attached a couple images: one is of a sports car tail-fin for reference and the other is a crude drawing of the submarine as I remember it.  Emphasis on the “crude”.

I have been trying in vain to find the book, or at least the image in the book of the submarine.  Hopefully, this will bring an end to my search!  Thank you!

313Q: Calico Cat and Her Kittens Live in a Candy Store

I’m looking for a children’s book that I had received in the early to mid 70s. It was a thin illustrated book about a calico cat that had kittens and lived in a candy store. Those are the details I’m completely sure about.

I’m relatively sure that one of the kittens was white or cream colored. It may have been discolored by dust or soot at one point. The kittens were adopted. I’m pretty sure an old man owned the store and he gave the dirty kitten to a sad little girl who loved him and cleaned off the dirt to discover its beautiful fur.

I’ve been looking for this book for decades.

313I: Seven Soviet Sisters

This book was a little over my head when I was around 7 (ironically). It was not a Little Golden Book nor a Disney book!

It was a story book or what seemed to be a collection of related stories. An elementary epic?

The early 1970s edition I had was bright blue and the cover was at least 8 ½ x 11.

There were seven (or only six) sisters. In the picture book version each sister was wearing an ornate but monochromatic dress. I’m thinking they were different examples of the regional dresses worn, or maybe clan-type styles. But with a hippie-vibe art style.

I think each sister was sent out on some kind of unusual coming-of-age search. Or maybe they were kidnapped by seven (or six) different people and each had a story about how they got home.

I was a natural reader, but either the words were a bit too big for me or I was too interested in what they were wearing to remember much of the plot. (That, and home wasn’t peaceful so I was sleep-deprived…so it was a big, wordy, beautiful blur of a book.)

I’d still have the book, but since I didn’t seem to be reading it, Mom gave it away to charity. I still have books that I was given when I was even younger…