331A: Russell Raccoon Discovers Wonderful World Of Daytime (Solved!)

This was a favorite book of my children in the 70’s and 80’s and I made the motherly mistake of giving it away, so would dearly love to find a copy.  I don’t think Russell’s name was in the title.

Russell Raccoon was not like the other raccoons.  He couldn’t sleep in the daytime and fell asleep at night when his gang was out scavenging  One day when he couldn’t sleep he wandered out of his home to discover a whole wonderful world of daylight.   He met a little boy with whom he became friends.  There was a delightful picture of Russell riding on the back of the boy’s tricycle.  When the boss of his raccoon gang, Emma Jean Smudge, found out what he was doing she hit him on the head with her purse and told him to stay away from humans.  Picture of that was very funny.  One day when Russell went to visit his friend, the boy brought him inside his house and showed him the bedroom that had been made for Russell, complete with a little bed with his name on it.  Russell decided to move in with the boy.  The last page of the book shows all of Russell’s group including Emma Jean standing in line outside the house door at night as Russell hands out fig newtons.

330U: Alligators (And Other Disappointing Pets)

I think it’s called something like “Alligators Don’t Make Great Pets,” and it has silly descriptions and illustrations of many animals that would not make good pets. I think the child might choose a dog at the end? I checked this book out from the library in the mid-1980s. I’ve been searching for this book for years and would LOVE to find it. Hope you can help.

330S: Boy Bitten By Burro, Burro Arrested

My grandmother used to read to me an illustrated children's book - hardback- small book - (about the size of Peter Rabbit). The plot was about a little boy who tried to give a cute burro a carrot but he got bitten by accident. The police came and arrested the burro. She read it to me in the early 1960’s but the book seemed pretty old. It may have been from the 1930-1940 time period. I want to read it to my grandsons! Thank you!

330M: Hibernating Animal behind a Red Door

This book was one my sister and I read in the 1970’s to early 1980’s. I recall that there was a forest creature (cannot remember what kind) who possibly (moved?) to a new house in the forest with a red door. I think his friends were supposed to wake him up for some reason but then they couldn’t find his house with the door, because it was covered with a fallen tree (?) or maybe snow(?). I think they kept finding red things that didn’t turn out to be the door. It would have been a shorter children’s story with a lot of pictures. We read it in English.

330H: Creatures In Their Junkyard World

I remember a book from my childhood with very detailed illustrations. The one that sticks out to me involves a junkyard with sort of a cutaway and you can see all of the creatures in their little junkyard world. In the same book, the protagonist (a young girl I think) visits the junkyard, which has a little house in it and I think she has tea there. That is about all I can remember. I’m now 25, for reference, and I remember reading it in the late 1990s/early 2000s. It’s not Junkyard Wonders or Paper Bag Princess.
Thanks, and can’t wait to re-read this book!

330G: Runaway Fairy Finds Love Along With Her Sister

Ok, so this is an illustrated children’s book (the one I remember having was large and hard cover) and the details are fuzzy but this is what I remember. The style of the illustrations was similar to Kinuko y Craft’s although I don’t think it was done by that illustrator.
Basically, it’s about a fairy who runs away from home (she is blonde) and has to live by a stream and eats blackberries and is all alone.  Then a fairy prince finds her and likes her,  but his sisters are jealous of her – but he doesn’t care. The final scene is a gorgeous illustration of their JOINT wedding with the fairy, her sister and the fairy prince and his brother.  The protagonist fairy is beautiful and has blonde hair and her sister is pale and has black hair. It might be a version of the story of Thumbelina!
Please help, this was my favorite children’s book and I know this isn’t a lot of information but if you found it, I would be so happy!!!!

330B: Mittens On A Scrawny Tree

I’m looking for a children’s book we read in the late 80s/early 90s, but I’m not sure when it was actually published. It was about a girl who had or came across a scrawny tree and to protect it from the elements in winter, she wrapped it in a scarf, mittens, etc. It may have begun finally sprouting a leaf in spring, but I may be wrong about that detail. It’s not The Mitten Tree by Candace Christiansen, unless it’s been re-released with new illustrations I don’t recognize. Thank you! I’m hoping to give this to my sister for her baby shower, because it was our favorite book as kids and we’ve never been able to track it down.

330A: Scarecrow Soldier

I am looking for a children’s picture book possibly printed between 1930’s/1940’s – 1980’s.  Not sure when it was printed.  My husband remembers reading it when he was a kid at his grandparents in the 1980’s.  My guess is it’s from the 50’s, 60’s, or 70’s.

The book takes place on a farm or in a large garden.  One day the animals notice a stranger (the scarecrow) on the farm or garden and get scared.  The weather elements try to get rid of the scarecrow.  The wind blows as hard as it can at the scarecrow.  The rain pours on it, the sun beats its heat on it, until one day there’s nothing left of the scarecrow except maybe the pole he was on.  My husband remembers the scarecrow looking like a soldier, or at least having an old uniform and a sword.

I believe he said the cover was blue with the scarecrow on it?  Not really too sure on that.

I appreciate any help in finding this book.

329W: Caribbean Island Adventures With Photos

I am looking for a book that I think my parents must have brought back from a Caribbean vacation in the 70s. It was the story of a bunch of island kids, boys and girls of different ages, maybe set in the Bahamas, or maybe not that specific, but definitely in the English-speaking Caribbean. Any adults were marginal background characters. There was a hand-drawn map of their island that showed beaches, caves, meeting places, shortcuts, etc. It was essentially a picture book, but scenes from the story were illustrated with black-and-white photographs of black children (actors? the author’s kids and neighbors?) and island scenes. The combination of an exciting adventure story with actual photography was wonderful.