322F: Town Loses Color

I am looking for the name of a book, these the facts that I remember: 

Circulation early 1960s

Picture book

Subject- town loses color and becomes black and white due to bad behavior, color comes back when sun shines through the tear of a boy producing a rainbow.

Length was perhaps 20 pages

Detailed illustrations

Please let me know, I'd be so grateful.

321K: Adventures Of A Blue Scotty Dog

Tile:  Unknown
Cover:  Hardback, Vanilla colored, with a blue Scotty plush dog on it.
The book is illustrated with pictures of stuffed toys.
Book Company:  Unknown
Description:  I am looking for an old Children’s/Nursery book that I had when I was 7.  Memory is fuzzy, but it was a larger, hardback book, maybe 14 pages, off-white in color with a little blue stuffed dog on the cover.  It had a French sounding theme/name to it.  It was about a little stuffed dog, a knight, that went and saved a damsel (little stuffed girl dog) from a castle and they lived happily ever after.  I have searched online for it, with no success.  Maybe I don’t know enough about it to be found.  Thanks so very much!!!

321D: Mythical Animals From The 80s

Hi! I am looking for a book that my son adored as a child, but neither of us can remember the title or author. It was an illustrated book about a mythical land with strange creatures: snake-like reptiles that coiled into circles to roll downhill and sometimes blew a flat, zebra/horse creatures that had to walk backwards, because their knees bent the wrong way. That’s all I can remember. I hope someone else knows it! Thank you!

321C: Illustrated little girl travels around the world taking pictures and sending postcards (children’s book)

It was an illustrated children’s book that I read around 1994 or 1995 that followed a little girl who traveled the world taking photos and sending postcards. She went to lots of interesting destinations. The style of the illustration was kind of similar to Adele and Simon but I’m pretty sure the setting was more contemporary than the 19th century (she had a portable camera). I remember a few pages of illustration that looked like a bunch of different travel images (possibly the postcards or her photographs) stacked over each other in an illustrated pile.

320X: Kid Has Dragon Breath

Hi, I was trying to find a book my mom used to read to me that I wanted to read to him. The book was a children’s book that the story follows a phone conversation between a mom and son and she calls him “Dragon Breath”. I thought I had found it when I found “I love you stinky face” but the story didn’t have the mother not home and calling the son (never mind calling the kid dragon breath). My mom remembers the book too because she found a picture of a dragon for my son that looked like one of the pages. I really hope you can help my find this book. Thank you

320W: Children’s anthology: Billy Goats Gruff and others

This was a hardcover anthology of stories for children. I believe it measured about 6” wide by 8” long, but I could be wrong about that.
The book contained a number of stories, but I can only remember two of them: one was the classic Three Billy Goats Gruff. In fact, I think that was the very first story in the book. I remember it had very stark illustrations; thinking about it now, they kind of remind me of Picasso’s “Guernica.”
 The other was a story about making pies, and I remember it very clearly because it was the first time I’d ever heard of a mince pie.