342C: A house with a magic door

There’s a girl who lives in a house or has just moved to a house, and in the house lives a cat. She goes up a staircase into a room with many doors in it, and through one of the doors, the cat brings her to a world full of snow. I believe there are other doors with other places through them but I can’t remember. This was a picture book I believe and likely was written in the 90’s or even early 2000’s.

341L: Little girl’s doll makeover at her father’s Doll Hospital (Solved!)

Looking for a child's fiction/picture book circa 1950's-1960's, maybe even 1940's -Hardcover - Colored pictures drawn like doll wigs of different colors, new clothes in tissue paper, clothes accessories, etc. Pictures are not 'cartoony'; more true to life.

Story: Little girl has been asking her father to fix her doll but he has been too busy at his shop. Finally, on the little girl's birthday, he closes his doll hospital early and dedicates the rest of the day to fixing up her beloved doll with new eyes, face and clothes that she gets to pick out all by herself.

341K: 70s-80s Book About Colors

I don’t remember if there were characters or much of a plot, but what I do remember is that it had lushly illustrated two-page spreads where each spread was devoted to a single color. I think yellow was a picnic in a wheat field with buttered bread…I also think there was a spread that depicted the beach (not sure what color it might have represented). Also, I think in each spread there was a teaser color spot or object that represented the next color’s scene. I think the book ended with a scene of all the colors. I would have read this in the late 80s, but it might have been 70s etc. It was certainly bigger than a Golden Book or board book.


341I: Generations of Sleep Rituals

I had an illustrated picture book about a little girl being tucked in by her mom and learning about how the generations before her did the same thing. She lives in a house, the family has a car, and a swing and her bedroom is upstairs and at bedtime her mom turns out the light and goes downstairs and the girl can hear the wind in the trees and the grownups talking downstairs.  She asks her mom what this was like for her when she was a little girl and it’s all the same except the house, car, swing, lamp, etc are all different but the experience is really similar, then they do it for her grandmother, same thing again. You see the different houses, and kinds of swings, they turn out lights, lanterns, candles, etc. The cover was like a page from a photo album with a taupe background with different.

341D: Early Reader Vocabulary Picture Book

This English vocabulary learning book from the early 1990s (could be older though) featured the daily life of a family in beautiful large center pictures of various scenes, with the outer rims of the pages containing objects from that scene to be found and named.
My most poignant memories are of a night time scene of the children casting shadows with their hands onto the bedroom wall, and a scene with a cross section of a fantastically large tree house with multiple connected rooms.
Any help is appreciated!

341A: Boy Lost In Fog

I can’t remember much about “BOY LOST IN FOG” (not the actual title), but what I can remember (or what I think/believe I remember) is:
  • it is a children’s picture book, written in English, with black and white illustrations
  • I read, or the book was read to me between 1980 and 1988, no clue as to the publishing date
  • there is something in there about a small boy leaving home, perhaps on his own
  • there might be something about him being on or following the sidewalk
  • there is something about fog, or getting lost in thick fog temporarily – this is the main thing I remember
  • there might be something in there about encountering a stranger in the fog, or someone who helps or scares him
  • there might be something about a lighthouse

340Z: A bully/mean girl and a cupcake/birthday cake

This is a children’s picture book I read in the 1980’s. The protagonist “despises” (I think she uses that word) a mean girl/bully. In the end I think she discovers that the bully doesn’t have any friends and is sad, and would like to be the protagonist’s friend. There is also a cupcake (it might have a candle on it). I think the bully gives it to the protagonist to try and make friends but the protagonist is suspicious of it and wonders if it’s poisoned. The bully wears a frilly dress. I think at one point she has a lollipop.