144I: Cabbage air freshener and a magical world?

YA or kids’ book, fantasy or magical realism.  Protagonist is a young girl.  She gets sent to the store to buy something with a wick — either an air freshener or a candle?  The one she buys is the last on the shelf, it’s in a dented can, and it smells like something you wouldn’t want air freshener to smell like.  I think it’s either cabbages or broccoli.  It’s also magical, and either gives her access to a magical world or brings her a friend/companion from a magical world.  That’s all in the book’s set-up, like in the first chapter.  No idea what happens from there.


2 thoughts on “144I: Cabbage air freshener and a magical world?

  1. Really long shot, thinking of books with bad smells: The Hateful Plateful Trick, by Scott Corbett. One of the magic chemistry set series with Kirby and Fenton plus Kirby’s young (female) cousin.

  2. “The Trouble With Magic” by Ruth Chew? I think the girl (and her brother) buy air freshener to cover up the smell of cabbage, and a wizard has been trapped in the can and has been eating the wick. He can perform magic for them with his umbrella, but only when it is raining.

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