150C: Boy turns into a dog for the summer (solved)


A spell is cast on a boy, and he is turned into a dog for the summer.  Told from the boy’s/dog’s perspective. He leaves home and eats poisoned meat. He serves as a seeing-eye dog.  Wakes back up as a boy.  It was a chapter book for young readers, my wife Lori read it in 1978 or 1979.


5 thoughts on “150C: Boy turns into a dog for the summer (solved)

  1. I read this! However, I can’t find it anywhere online.

    It was something like The True Adventures of Alfred Cane by Ernest Bethancourt (or maybe Betancourt). I think I have another book by the author (about a boy who becomes a rock star named Dr. Doom) somewhere at home, so I’ll see if I can find it.

  2. Thank you for finding it! Great memory! I loved how he learned to look at life in a new way… My daughter will love it! Thank you for finding a lost treasure!

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