175D: boy, ghost, orchard (solved)

i don’t know the title or author, which is why i need you. this is a YA type mystery or horror (not sure how they categorized things back then) from the late 70s early 80s. I probably got it through scholastic at school (i was in 4th or 5th grade at the time). i’ve searched and searched book covers for years and am hoping you can help.

i don’t remember much, but finding this book means so much because of events surrounding it during that period. dark green cover with a broken gravestone on it, possibly a crow, possibly trees (an orchard or grove) as well. the story itself was a boy gone to live with his grandparents (? or relatives in general?) and befriends a ghost in the walls/closet/something in the house. ends up in the orchard out back. finds the boy’s grave. god that’s not a lot to go on!

Thank you in advance!!

4 thoughts on “175D: boy, ghost, orchard (solved)

  1. Perhaps “The Empty Grave” by Ida Chittum? The main characters name is Allen, he moves to a new house with his parents and finds a broken gravestone from a boy who died a hundred years ago.

    • YES!!! that’s the cover… why the heck did i think it was a dark green cover? memories are strange… thank you!! =)

  2. Sounds a bit like The Ghost of Dibble Hollow, although the boy (Miles, I think) moves to his grandfather’s house with his parents and sister.

    It’s a great book!

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