214C: Litte Donkey Works In a Sugar Cane Mill (Solved)

This sweet little story book was given to me in the 1960s. A little donkey works at a sugar cane press in a small village in Mexico. He works very hard and when festival day arrives a little girl dresses him up by putting flowers around his neck and over his ears and he gets to go to the fiesta. Would love to know title and author.

5 thoughts on “214C: Litte Donkey Works In a Sugar Cane Mill (Solved)

  1. The Least One is not my book, but it looks like a charming and lovely story. I appreciate you writing in, Anne! Thanks!

  2. Been revising my memories of this book. The little burro or donkey may have only carried the sugar cane to the mill instead of working there. It was a small book with colorful illustrations. Any help is appreciated.

  3. I have solved this mystery at long last! I found my book and ordered it. It arrived today and is definitely the book I remembered. It is called “Poco and the Parrot” by Laurene Chinn with illustrations by Ethel Hays. Thanks to everyone who took an interest in my search.

  4. This stumper has been solved. The book is “Poco and the Parrot” by Laurene Chinn with Illustrations by Ethel Hays.

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