214D: amusement park or maze on cover

Children’s/pre-teen book, under 200 pages. The cover was white and I’m imagining either an amusement park or maze on it. I’m picturing red (lettering, maybe), too? I keep thinking the title has “joker” or “game” in it. I read it in the 1980s, so published then or earlier. I don’t remember much of what it was about, but it was probably a fantasy-type book kind of like “A Wrinkle in Time”, “Neverending Story”, Labyrinth (the movie w/David Bowie)….
I wish I could provide more details If you figure this out, I will love you forever. I LOVED this book!

5 thoughts on “214D: amusement park or maze on cover

  1. I wonder if you might be thinking about The Big Joke Game by Scott Corbett? Ozzie loves to joke around,but it gets him into trouble. In an attempt to run away from home, he falls and finds himself playing in a life-sized board game with Bub, his guardian devil.

    • OMG! Thank you. I have been trying to figure out what book this is for nearly 20 years. I loved it as a kid. Thank you!!!!!!

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