234B: A witch flies on a vacuum

A children’s book about a witch (probably with red hair) that befriends a young girl next door.  The book has illustrations that are very bright. The witch dresses like a gypsy and flies on a vacuum. Only the girl knows she’s a witch. It’s not The Wednesday Witch, The Witch Next Door or The Witch Down the Hall. The witch is friendly. The book is 15-20 years old. It was a large book probably 10cm wide and 30cm tall.

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    • Do you remember if it was ONLY about a witch? There is a children’s book that I absolutely loved growing up that has the picture you describe. But it was called “Spooky Riddles” and every page had a different silly riddle about a vampire, witch, etc….The author is Marc Brown.

      • That’s not it. Thank you so much for trying! I really would love to find it.

        It was all about the witch and the young girl next door. And the witch didn’t dress like a Halloween witch, more like a gypsy.

    • It’s not that one. Thank you for trying though!

      The witch is not open about being a witch, only the young girl knows. And I don’t think it mentions Halloween at all, but I may have just forgotten that part.

  1. One of Margery Palatini’s Witch books–Room on the Broom is the only title coming to mind at the moment, but there are several more.

  2. I was looking for a book with a similar description. Look up “Wobble, the Witch Cat” by Mary Calhoun. I believe that’s the one I had remembered reading as a child!

  3. I know exactly what this is! Found your thread while searching for it, so sharing the answer here. It is Hubble Bubble: A Book of Witches and Wizards by John Patience. The witch on the vacuum is just one of the stories in it. Love love loved this book as a child.

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