239H: Animal steals a cherry pie from window sill (Solved!)

I was read this book by my mom when I was about 7 years old. It was probably published before 1995. It’s part of a collection of stories, possibly with the word “treasury” or “collection” in the title. The book was hardcover, a royal blue color, maybe a little bigger than a standard piece of computer paper, and about an inch thick. It may have been designed to be a bedtime book, but I don’t remember anything about sleeping.

I don’t remember anything other than a bit about one of the stories. I think they may have all been about animals, though. The one story I do remember involved a raccoon or black and white animal (but not a skunk) that steals a pie that was set to cool on a different animal’s window sill. I think the pie was cherry and had a lattice top crust.

Please help me find this book. I’d love to read it to my son.

12 thoughts on “239H: Animal steals a cherry pie from window sill (Solved!)

  1. Ginny

    Did it also have a story about a goat who loved to paint and she made her husband mad because she’d stir pots of food with her loaded paintbrushes? I don’t remember the title, I’m sorry, but I’ve been looking for this book for almost 30 years.

  2. Caroline

    I have the old children’s book “Who Cried For Cherry Pie?” That fits the individual story’s description.

  3. Jenna

    I feel like I might be looking for a similar series of books. The one I can remember has a bunch of different animals as well. I’m thinking one story is about a rain storm or a flood and maybe some of the younger animals floating down a river/creek? If that rings a bell.

  4. Lana

    I know exactly what you’re talking about. I think it’s a racoon. They cover a roof with butter to try to stop him.

  5. Mama Squirrel

    Two minute Animal Stories, by Amye Rosenberg. Contents: The pie snatcher.–Albert’s new suit.–Maisie’s mean trick.–Tad the baddie.–The scary bell tower.–Good night, sailor mice.
    Animals Naughty and Nice, by the same author.

  6. megan

    omg! I’ve been trying to find this book for my daughter for the last year but couldn’t remember what its called! animals naughty and nice!!!! thank you!!!!

  7. Sheila Venable

    I vaguely remember a story/poem about a pie on a sill and the line “it will come again.” I guess someone/something stole the pie. Anybody know the title?


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