247F: Peccaries in the Rain Forest

This was a book for littler kids, ages 8 and under, more or less.  This book was read between 1972-1980.  I vaguely remember it being a thin but large paperback.

The main characters were rain-forest animals and the book took place in a rain forest and at least part of it was set at night.  There were peccaries as characters.  Something was happening in the jungle, at night, that the animals were preparing for. The peccaries were really funny characters.


3 thoughts on “247F: Peccaries in the Rain Forest

  1. This sounds like a book I had as a kid where the lion (king of the jungle?) was coming and the rain forest animals had to make the lion a bed out of grass and leaves. They didn’t want the lion to have a good nights sleep because they didn’t want him to stay so they came up with various ways to disturb the lion’s sleep. The peccaries ran over the lion repeatedly while he was sleeping. I think there was a toucan directing the whole thing and also ants in the bed. Unfortunately I don’t remember the title. I would also like to find this book.

  2. I believe the cover of the book has the lion running toward the bed (mound of grass and leaves) and there is jungle foliage colored kind of a sea green all around the cover including on the spine.

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