271D: Scary children’s picture book


Please help me remember the name of this book.

I guess it must be kind of obscure since I can’t seem to find it on Google. It is not a novel. It had big pages with big illustrations. It’s a children’s “horror” book but horror is a bit much. It more-so just has a creepy, dark tone. It has about one or two sentences per two-page spread. Maybe more. It is also a flip-book (meaning the pages have flaps that flip outward. When you unfold the flaps, the same setting and creatures are portrayed underneath, but this time, you see them without skin I think). It takes place in the wilderness, in some sort of forest. Every two-page spread depicts a new spot, as the book gets progressively deeper into the forest (not just a forest, caves, etc., all part of a bigger, creepy wilderness setting). The narrative describes the setting, and the creatures. There are no reoccurring characters or dialogue besides the minimal narrator. There were creatures in this book that were very odd, dark, small, animal-esque. The book climaxes on the last page where we find a character at the deepest part of this world. The creature is a combination of elements of all the settings we’ve seen. I think the flap reveals a heart inside this creature.

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  1. Ok, this is a long shot, but since both entries agree on the title of the book… I found this in Worldcat:
    Is anybody there? Author Deborah Manley, Illustrations by Rob Cole. Juvenile, 24 pages, 1985. One of the category listings for this book is “Toy and movable books” so that might include a lift-the-flap book.

    • Hi Susan, thanks for this suggestion. I ordered the Deborah Manley book on ebay but unfortunately it’s definitely not the right book. The hunt continues! – Moya from inquiry 266D

  2. Hiya!
    I’m also trying to locate the details of this book!
    Can I ask if you’re also based in Australia?
    Moya mentioned in her post (linked earlier) that she originally got hers from a local library – I’m wondering if this is possibly a self-published title/small supplier title, which might explain how difficult it is to find on google.

  3. Has any one found it yet?. . It’s a bit unsettling that it seems to be unfindable/nonexistant. I don’t think “Is Anybody There” is the title. 🙁

  4. After searching I’ve found it! The title is actually not ‘Is Anybody There’. The book is ‘The Horrorble Book’ by Wayne Anderson.

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