287A: Children taking things literally (solved)

It is a children’s book that is about the way children see the world literally.  One page says: dad left his blue prints in the snow and the picture is a blue prince in the snow with blue feet prints in the snow.  Another page says: dad said mom is playing bridge and not to disturb her and the picture is a female with her head on a chair and feet on a couch and the cat walking across her like she is a bridge.  Another page says: mom said that my sister has a frog in her throats and the picture is of a little girl with a frog inside her mouth.  Another page has a little horse with clothes on and the caption is: mom said my brother is a little horse.


4 thoughts on “287A: Children taking things literally (solved)

  1. This sounds like one of Fred Gwynne’s books, but I’m not sure which one. They all have the same concept, with wonderfully absurd illustrations. They are: A Chocolate Moose for Dinner, The King who Rained, The Sixteen Hand Horse, and A Little Pigeon Toad.

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