290F: Run for Your Life (Solved)

When I was in second grade around 1980-1981, my teacher read a book to the class, and I’m 99 percent sure it was called Run for Your Life. It was scary and suspenseful and it was a chapter book. It took at least a week if not longer for her to read.

I’ve never been able to find this book. Can you help?

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  1. WorldCat shows pre-1983 juvenile fiction books with title RUN FOR YOUR LIFE by Kin Platt; by David Line; by Fred Swayze (historical novel set in 1763); and by Geoffrey Summerfield (a short story collection of which that is hte title story). So, if title is indeed RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, probably either the one by Kin Platt (which appears to involve a track and field athlete, probably not scary) or more likely the one by David Line (subject headings more promising):

    Title: Run for your life /
    Author(s): Line, David.
    Publication: Harmondsworth : Puffin,
    Year: 1983, 1966
    Description: 152 pages ; 18 cm
    Language: English
    Standard No: ISBN: 0140304304 ((pbk.)); 9780140304305 ((pbk.))
    Descriptor: Murder — Juvenile fiction.
    Criminals — Juvenile fiction.

  2. About two kids who go on the run after they hear some guys plotting a murder? By David Line (real name Lionel Davidson)?

  3. Thank you both so much! I’m 99 percent sure it’s the one by David Line. I really appreciate it — I’ve been trying for years to figure out what book that was.

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