291L: I’ll be the mommy (Solved)

The title is something like, “I’ll Be The Mommy and You’ll be The Little Girl”or vice versa.  It also may include “I’ll be the Daddy, you be the Little Boy,” (or vice versa as well.)  The book is from the early 1980’s, I think, suitable for early primary children.  It is two stories in one book  The first part is about a mommy and little girl going for an outing and they change roles briefly.  If they book is turned over and similar story involves a daddy and a little boy doing the same thing.  In the middle of the book is a two page illustration of the parents and the boy and girl meeting up in the home…just adorable.  It is nicely illustrated and while I don’t see it listed on any Sesame Street lists, the illustrations of the characters remind me of that company’s type of drawing.

3 thoughts on “291L: I’ll be the mommy (Solved)

  1. OMG!!!! You did it…problem solved!!!! I used to read this to my daughter and as she grew up I cleaned out her room and brought it to my first grade classroom. When I changed jobs, I gave it to a fellow teacher, Sure enough, years later My grown daughter was looking for the book!! I felt so sad for giving it away and I’ve been searching for it a long, long, time. I am extremely grateful to you!! I just purchased it on line and will surprise her at Christmas.

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