291P: Suddenly No Men on Earth/No Women on Earth

I read a science fiction book in high school (1969-1973) about some kind of catastrophe that resulted in the sexes living in separate worlds. In the “Women’s World,” planes fell out of the sky.  Maybe the women didn’t know how to operate heavy machinery?  In the “Men’s World,” other things happened because they were lonely…?

I found it totally mesmerizing at the time.  I thought it had a title like “Island of Vipers,” but I have never found that title.  All help appreciated!

3 thoughts on “291P: Suddenly No Men on Earth/No Women on Earth

    • Wylie was the author of Generation of Vipers, so that’s where the vipers come in Reread The Disappearance a few years ago, it was casually racist I’m afraid but still exciting and thought provoking.

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