292U: Mr. Down Stomps the Keystone (Solved)

A children’s book from the 1970s or earlier. I am not sure of the title but it might be ‘Mr. Down’ or include the words ‘Mr. Down’. The setting is possibly medieval England. Townspeople are trying to build churches to pray in but every time they complete one, Mr. Down (a little troll-like guy or gremlin type character) comes in the night to stomp on the roof and destroy the church. They go through several designs all of which Mr. Down stomps on until they finally design an arch with a ‘keystone’ at the top. This is a classic Gothic style arch and no matter how much  Mr. Down stomps, it will not collapse. I used to check this book out of a small Methodist church library in North Carolina every single summer of my childhood.  It would mean the WORLD to me to find this book again.


3 thoughts on “292U: Mr. Down Stomps the Keystone (Solved)

    THANK YOU ONE THOUSAND TIMES OVER! you nailed it—that’s my book. i have given the info to my parents and they are buying a copy from amazon for my birthday next month. i am over the moon to finally have this important memory back–you have no idea— i had forgotten the bit at the end where Mr. Down becomes a gargoyle on Notre Dame–that is so perfect. My father spent his whole career as the archivist at Duke University which has gothic buildings and a large gothic chapel with gargoyles.. our whole family has loved them for years and have little ones on bookshelves in our homes. i recently visited France for the first time and one of the many highlights of the trip was going to the top of Notre Dame. THANK YOU!!!

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