294J: Roseswar (Solved)

British kids play at the War of the Roses.  They seem to have no restrictions. I was an oldish kids’ library book in 1955.  (What today they call a chapter book, or YA.)

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  1. Astrid Lindgren had a series of books about Bill Bergson, Master Detective that were printed in english in the early 1950s. Here’s a summary for Bill Bergson Lives Dangerously:
    Bill Bergson, the friendly Swedish boy of Bill Bergson, Master Detective (1952) is on his merrily haphazard way again- with his pals Anders and Eva Lotta. In their small home town (where they caught a jewel thief in the last story), the kids who call themselves the White Roses have a friendly rivalry with another bunch, the Reds, and their town and country skirmishes lead to a mystery. For while hiding near Green, the money lender’s house, Eva Lotta finds an I.O.U. It later helps to convict a culprit, anxiety-ridden Claus, of shady dealings to repair his debt with Green. Light mystery-light reading in a jolly Scandanavian setting.


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