295N: The Lonely Doll meets The Curious Clubhouse (Solved)

I read a juvenile novel in the 1980s (from my school library). It may have been from the 1960s or 1970s about a very lonely girl who moved to a new house in the country, and while exploring, she found a secret playhouse that had dolls and teddy bears in it, and I think they came to life. Kind of like The Lonely Doll meets The Curious Clubhouse, but definitely not either of those! It had illustrations, maybe an orange cover, and I feel like Secret may have been in the title, and the author’s last name began with G or H?

2 thoughts on “295N: The Lonely Doll meets The Curious Clubhouse (Solved)

  1. You were almost there on many details. This is The secret Museum by Sheila Greenwald. Jennifer moves to the country with her parents when they give up on their city jobs and become potters and weavers though they’re not very successful. Jennifer is in grounds of the big closed up house next door and hears crying. She investigates and finds a little fancy playhouse with the crying/talking dolls inside. There’s a bit of added drama with another girl, Lizzie, who starts out as an enemy but becomes a friend and helps Jennifer come up with a plan to save the dolls and the house (and her parents in the long run)

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