296E: Littlest Joe (Solved)

About a mutt dog, a many-paged book and the longest I’d read at age 11 in 1957, who goes through many awful experiences through his lifetime and dies at the end. I think the dog was part pit bull and maybe bulldog, definitely a short, squatty and solid guy. I had checked it out as many times as possible, then finished it all through the night so I could drop it off at the library the next day. Intending to reread it, I found that it had been withdrawn for repairs and never returned to the shelves.

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  1. Beautiful Joe a Dog’s Own Story (1893)
    by Marshall Saunders (Author)

    Available on project Gutenberg

    Marshall Saunders “Beautiful Joe” (1893) is a remarkable classic exploring issues of animal cruelty told from the point of view of one dog, Joe. This work was an instant success upon its release in Canada, becoming the first book to sell over a million copies in that country. Written as a kind of dog’s autobiography, the work was innovative in its narrative technique. Often compared to Anna Sewell’s “Black Beauty”, the novel tracks the true story of a terrier in Maine named Joe. As Joe tells his story, the reader quickly meets his cruel owner Jenkins. Jenkins mistreatment grows more intense over time. The reader develops a deep sympathy for Joe and his canine counterparts on account of its narrative point of view. Joe’s journey through abuse towards being rescued is a harrowing account not to be missed by the animal lover.

    • Lisa, thank you immensely! Not just for finding the book but your wonderful synopsis and history. I can finally reread the book.

  2. Agreeing, Beautiful Joe. I read this in elementary school; did a book report with a drawing of the dog. His name “Beautiful Joe” was in direct contrast to his poor disfigured body. The ear cropping scene was devastating. This book helped spark my early interest in animal rescue.

    • Nancy, thank you SO much! I can finally reread it. I, too, got involved in the animal rights movement in the 80s as a result of reading it. I appreciate your help!

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