296U: Teenage model (Solved)

I read this book, from my high school library, around 1972. It was contemporary at that time. The main character was a pretty, poised girl who gets a job as a fashion model. This scene might have occurred during the hiring process, which took place at a restaurant. She gets the impression that one of the men is flirting with her, so she asks if he has children. When he says yes, she asks to see pictures of them, which distracts him from the flirting so she feels as though she has rejected him without offending him. The girl has a nerdy younger brother and this scene only stays in my mind because a friend who also read it asked me “what are the runs” when she gets to this part. The main character stays home with her younger brother when he has the runs. Although they typically quarrel like siblings do, she feels bad for him this day and is kind.

4 thoughts on “296U: Teenage model (Solved)

  1. Me, Cassie by Anita Feagles, maybe?

    There’s also orphaned cousins, a giant dog, visiting exchange students from africa, a short boyfriend, and a bohemian grandmother. Its a great book!

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