296Y: Haunted house with shrunken ghost (Solved)

I am looking for the title of a book from my childhood. I was born in 1982. The book might be a Bugs Bunny book where he moves to a new house and doesn’t realize the house already has someone living there; a ghost. The ghost tries everything to scare Bugs Bunny away. He rattles chains, he moans, nothing works. Finally late one night the ghost and Bugs have an encounter and somehow Bugs spills juice on the ghost. Now the ghost is really depressed, can’t get rid of Bugs and has a stain. So Bugs washes the ghosts sheet and accidentally shrinks him to a tiny ghost. Distraught and embarrassed the ghost and Bugs work through their problems and end up sharing the house as friends.

Side note: it might not be Bugs Bunny, it might be the Pink Panther. I can’t remember!

2 thoughts on “296Y: Haunted house with shrunken ghost (Solved)

  1. The Pink Panther in the Haunted house, from Little Golden Books, by Kennon Graham. Amazon has it for a dollar right now. The poor little guy thought he was going to have to quit haunting and get a job as a dustcloth!

  2. Yes you found it!!!! I searched on amazon before but anytime I typed in pink panther books for kids it never showed me that one! Thank you so so much!!!!

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