297A: Something like Where the Wild Things Are

My husband is trying to find a book that his grandpa read to him when he was a child (husband was born in 1979). What he remembers: it was about a creature or monster, and there was a moon, and there were lots of funny sounds/noises in it. Sort of LIKE “Where the Wild Things Are” but it was a different book. Thank you!

4 thoughts on “297A: Something like Where the Wild Things Are

    • I really thought this might be it! But alas, I ran it by my husband and it wasn’t the book he was trying to remember… I appreciate your help though!!

  1. I’m been looking for a book that sounds a lot like this, but also cannot think of the title. “A creature” and the moon were two of the things I most remember. Also, some sort of treasure that the creature was maybe tricked into giving away? Does that sound similar to what your husband remembers?

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