297C: He transmits radio waves through his dental fillings (Solved)

I’m looking for a book for my sister.  It was in elementary school, and she said the book had an orange cover and it was about a boy?child? who transmitted radio waves through his dental fillings.

6 thoughts on “297C: He transmits radio waves through his dental fillings (Solved)

  1. Probably Fat Men from Space, by Daniel Pinkwater. The boy gets a filling and starts receiving broadcasts from alien ship about to invade Earth, and the aliens turn out to be fat men who eat all our junk food. I think the boy learns to tune the radio using the metal spiral from a notebook.

  2. Are you looking for The Trouble With Jenny’s Ear? little girl receives radio waves through her orthodonture that tells her the answers to a quiz show contest.

  3. THANK YOU! Yes, it’s Fat Men From Space. Now I’m going to purchase it so my sister has it for her birthday. She’s gonna LOVE it!

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