297G: You’ll lose half the taste

Here is the only remembrance I have. Misses Fluff tells her friend “Don’t eat so fast or you’ll lose half the taste”. In the early 60’s, I would read this same storybook to my daughter over and over. The memory lingers on.

One thought on “297G: You’ll lose half the taste

  1. Could it possibly be a story called “The Hollow Tree Store”? I found this description on another site:

    “a story called ‘The Hollow Tree Store’ by Mabel Marlowe, about a squirrel named Mrs. Fluff who has a shop in a hollow tree. Every morning she bakes hot, crisp cakes full of nuts and honey and sells them to the other squirrels”

    This story is found in The Golden Book of Nursery Tales (edited by Else Jane Werner and illustrated by Tibor Gergely)

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