298N: Educators in a nautilus (Solved)

I believe the book was about a group of professors/ teachers that lived in a nautilus type structure. There was a nautilus shell on the book’s cover. It was a poetic/literary book, not a children’s book. . . that’s all I remember!


3 thoughts on “298N: Educators in a nautilus (Solved)

  1. I think the book may be the novel “Heligoland” by Shena Mackay. Wikipedia has this:

    Rowena Snow, a woman of Scottish-Asian parentage but brought up as an orphan dreams of Heligoland, once mentioned in the Shipping Forecast but now apparently lost forever. She applies for a position as live in housekeeper at ‘The Nautilus’, a crumbling 1930s built spiral-shaped building in South London inhabited by an artistic community. Only two of its original inhabitants remain, Celeste Zylberstein and Francis Campion along with Gus Crabb, an antiques dealer. The story tells of Rowena coming to terms with her past and finding her place in the community…

    At least two of the editions that I’m seeing on Google have nautilus shells on the cover. I haven’t read it but recognised it from having seen a review!

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