298O: Horse in Pioneer days named Locket (Solved)

A pioneer girl trades a special locket necklace for a horse and names the horse Locket. Girl has a brother who gets a horse first. Girl loves horses. It is frowned upon for a young girl to have her own horse. She is determined to get a horse. I read this children’s book around 1972.

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  1. Good news/bad news. You’ve conflated two books, Serilda’s Star and it’s sequel, Locket by Olive Rambo Cook. In Serilda’s Star, the girl (Serilda) trades her locket for the mare Star. Locket (in the sequel) is Star’s first foal. The first book is very easy to find in it’s Archway Paperback edition, but Locket came out only from David McKay publishing and is very hard to find. Here are the links to the Kirkus reviews of the first book:


  2. Wow!! I”m so overjoyed! No bad news here whatsoever! I found both books online and promptly ordered them. I even found a signed hardcover first edition of Locket!! Thank you so much, Susan! I am new to this site….are you one of the booksellers? Or did you read these books as a child?

  3. 🙂 Not a bookseller, I collect horse books, so I read some as a child and more now as an adult. There are more collectors about than you’d think! This site has lots of cover art and descriptions, in sections for various parts of the world (UK, North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand)


    And this one has some of that, plus a forum full of people from around the world chatting horse books:


    Check them out, though I warn you, you may find that there are a lot more books you’ll wind up looking for! (Very happy to hear that you found your pair!)

  4. Thanks so much, Susan! I’ll check out the sites. My copy of Locket arrived last week. I am beyond thrilled to reconnect with this childhood favorite book. And to have it signed by the author is more than I expected to find. I can see how easy it would be to become a collector! Many thanks!

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