298Q: A solitary confinement no one seemed to mind

In 1981, in a Utopian literature class at the Univ. of Hawaii at Hilo, I read a book that haunts me because of its prescient look ahead. People live in sealed homes, connected digitally by video and audio to interact with friends and clean versions of the world outside. The interior walls of homes fill up with these images. A kind of solitary confinement no one seemed to mind. Food and goods were delivered to homes through portals by a working class of people exposed to a toxic world outside. I don’t remember details beyond that except that it was written by a man. My online searches for it have failed me!

4 thoughts on “298Q: A solitary confinement no one seemed to mind

  1. Someone reminded me recently that one of Isaac Asimov’s books has that theme. It’s The Naked Sun, part of the series where a human detective partners with a robot. The planet is called Solaria. Hope that rings some bells! Also, FYI, any time you’re looking for a text from a college course, contact the instructor or even their department. We hoard old syllabi. 🙂

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