299A: Medina Textbook (Solved)

A reading textbook used in Medina City Schools around 52-54 or so. (I already checked with them, they have no record) This described pioneer life-how soap was made, how wool was carded into yarn, how cloth was dyed. The book followed a little boy around in pioneer times and daily life for him.

2 thoughts on “299A: Medina Textbook (Solved)

  1. Singing Wheels was widely used schools around that time. It had tales of pioneer life, including some adapted from work by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

    • 299A is solved. I haven’t seen this book for about 65 years, but I have thought of it often. I wasn’t 100% sure until I obtained a copy and found the reference to teasel, which I remembered with great clarity.

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