299C: He sucked up all the water with his mouth

I would like to find a children’s book I read around 1965.  I was born in 1956. I do not recall the title.  It was hard cover, I think it had a book jacket. The dominate color was red.

The subject was Chinese fishermen, about 20 of them, trying to catch fish in a lake with no luck.  One of the men decided to suck up all of the water with his mouth, and his belly expanded immensely.

The fishermen were then able to run out into the dry lake bed and pick up all of the fish which were just lying there.


13 thoughts on “299C: He sucked up all the water with his mouth

  1. This is the Five Chinese Brothers – I don’t recall an author name, but I very clearly remember the images and the dominant red!

  2. I think this is The Five Chinese Brothers. It’s a folktale, and there’s a version written by Claire Hutchet Bishop and Kurt Weise that was published in the US in 1938.

  3. I think this is Five Chinese Brothers by Claire Huchet Bishop and illustrated by Kurt Wiese, published in 1938

  4. Lol! We _all_ remember the same story! I think this was read on Captain Kangaroo when I was a kid, if not Captain Kangaroo then a similar TV program of that era, I have vivid memories of seeing the pages on the TV, I don’t think my family actually checked it out of the library when I was young. It’s still in print.

  5. This is a re-telling of a Chinese folk tale titled “The 10 Chinese Brothers”. As others have mentioned, it was written by American author Clare Hutchet Bishop and published in 1938 by Coward-McCann.

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