299Q: Chased by geese trying to get gooseberries

Kids book from 1970s/1980s. Kids solve a mystery based on hidden clues they find – at their grandparents house maybe? I forget where the first clue was or how it started. The second clue (maybe?) is found in a loose stone of a stone fence. Then there’s something about kids being chased by geese trying to get gooseberries. The last clue is found tucked in an Indian Headdress socket where feather would fit in. Thank you! Been searching for years.

4 thoughts on “299Q: Chased by geese trying to get gooseberries

  1. This is Key to the Treasure by Peggy Parish. The story of the lost first clue was a family story, as the first clue was accidentally destroyed in the past. While playing around, the kids find the following clue in the headdress socket and work to solve the treasure hunt from there.

  2. Oh my gosh – I cannot begin to explain the level of happiness that I now feel after seeing these responses. I just ordered the book from my library and cannot wait to get it. I’ve been telling my now 13YO daughter about this book for years and am hoping that she can still read it and not find it too young. Thank you so much BookStumpers! Best $4 I’ve ever spent! And to quote this very website, “Isn’t it amazing, the magic of a book?” … yes!

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