300C: Siblings lost in a forest

I’m looking for a book I read as a kid in the 90s – a family of 4 goes RV camping in the forest, and a flash flood kills the parents. The siblings (a brother and sister) are forced to fight for survival and escape the woods.

One thought on “300C: Siblings lost in a forest

  1. This may be a possibility ‘Climb or die’ Edward Myers (1994) After a back-road car accident in the Colorado Rockies seriously injures their parents, athletic fourteen-year-old Danielle and her brainy younger brother, Jake, set out together to find help. Walking twenty miles through deep snow is the most obvious option but seems too risky. The teens decide instead to make a more audacious move: climbing a mountain that Jake believes is nearby and that has a manned weather station at its summit. As they head upward, Danielle and Jake soon realize that they’ve taken an all-or-nothing gamble: they must climb . . . or die.

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