300C: Siblings lost in a forest

I’m looking for a book I read as a kid in the 90s – a family of 4 goes RV camping in the forest, and a flash flood kills the parents. The siblings (a brother and sister) are forced to fight for survival and escape the woods.

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  1. This may be a possibility ‘Climb or die’ Edward Myers (1994) After a back-road car accident in the Colorado Rockies seriously injures their parents, athletic fourteen-year-old Danielle and her brainy younger brother, Jake, set out together to find help. Walking twenty miles through deep snow is the most obvious option but seems too risky. The teens decide instead to make a more audacious move: climbing a mountain that Jake believes is nearby and that has a manned weather station at its summit. As they head upward, Danielle and Jake soon realize that they’ve taken an all-or-nothing gamble: they must climb . . . or die.

  2. This also sounds a lot like “Emergency! 10-33 on Channel 11” by Hilary Milton. It was published in 1977 but was still on a our public library shelf in the 1990’s. A family goes camping and there is a serious accident in the camper, it goes off road and ends up in a deep ditch in the woods. Parents are injured (but not swept away or killed that I can recall) and a daughter is trapped in the camper ( I think hurt too) and has to call for rescue on the CB radio, before rising water in the gulch due to storm drowns them all. I don’t remember if she had a brother in the story or if she was the only child. Milton also wrote another book called “Mayday! Mayday!” in which a plane crashes on a mountainside and parents are all either killed or injured, and a boy and a girl have to find their way out of the woods to get help. Possibly the reader read both and has them slightly mixed up? Hope this helps!

    • Just re-read the book “Emergency! 10-33 on Channel 11”. The girl trapped in the camper with her parents does not have a brother but there are two boys who hear her distress call and try to find her, one boy does get swept away in the flooding but not killed.

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