300I: Something to do with a girl

White-beveled thick hardback book.

Don’t remember the dusk jacket if any.

Received as 11th birthday gift from my grandmother in 1974.

Title was simple and had something to do with a girl.

Something with a somber feeling.

I never read it.

I kept it for almost 40 years and then gave it to a niece.

No one can place it.

My grandmother was fluent in French so after doing some research I decided it was Nobody’s Girl, the french translation, but in a google image search none come up with the same look that I recall.

The pages may have had gold tint on the edges, but maybe not.

That’s all I got.

Thank you.

One thought on “300I: Something to do with a girl

  1. Nobody’s Girl = En Famille = Adventures of Perrine by Hector Malot had many different editions. Mine had a white-on-pink dust cover, so that’s the way I remember it, but the binding was apparently a mottled white – see one of the images at:
    If yours had the pink dust cover, you probably wouldn’t remember it as somber. It was, however, a rather heavy read for kids brought up on modern children’s literature. So it could easily be a book that one owned, but never read.

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