301V: Two girls and a worm monster

For years I’ve thought about a short story I read some time between 1997 and 2007.  I’d estimate 2000 – 2006.  I imagine it was in Harpers, Atlantic, or New Yorker.  I’ve never been able to find it.

In the story there are two girls.  I think English, maybe Canadian.  They are in the woods and they see some horrible creature.  I think a worm, a giant worm.

Then it’s 60 years later and the narrator sees the girl, now all grown up, at a sight-seeing visit.

The atmosphere really affected me.  I was reminded of Alice Munro and then I suppose later of “My Brilliant Friend” by Ferrante.

I can’t find it because googling ‘worm’ or ‘monster’ or ‘two girls’ gives too many silly hits.

Any sleuths out there?

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