302H: The Happy Baker

There is a book from my childhood, which had a title like, “The Happy Hobo” or “The Happy Baker”.  In it, a down-at-the-heels tramp arrives in a small village.  He first visits the keepers of the General Store and asks for help, food or money.  They rebuke him and send him running.  Then he visits a small bakery.  The baker offers him a few crusty rolls and some warm beverage.  The tramp is magical and offers the blessing that whatever the baker would do, would be successful and happy all day.  The baker gets to work baking and soon the whole town was lined up for his baked goods.

Across the street, the General Store keepers look on enviously.  They lure the tramp over and offer him money or food.  Then they set about clearing room in there store for all of the money they would rake in from the magical tramp.  They spend the whole day cleaning their store (no additional money appears to come in).  Do you know this book’s title and author?

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