302R: Monsters in Rain (Solved)

This children’s storybook is no later than late 70’s or early to mid 80’s, it had pictures. There were some evil monsters or something that hated rain and were vulnerable to water, so some people went out to confront them during a rainstorm by putting their coats in jars to keep them dry. The people then put on their dry coats when they approached the monsters, and when the monsters asked why the people weren’t wet, the people said they were able to move between the raindrops without getting wet. The people told the the monsters how they could do the same, but when the monsters tried it the water got them.

2 thoughts on “302R: Monsters in Rain (Solved)

  1. The storyline reminds me of The Rabbi and the Twenty-nine Witches by Marilyn Hirsh,originally published in the 70s and republished in the 90s. Witches are plaguing a village so the rabbi comes up with a plan to convince them to come dancing in the rain. They keep their clothes dry to trick the witches.

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