302X: A crazy quilt in various shades of red

Looking for a YA novel written in the 60’s or early (I read it in the mid-70’s) but it was set in the early 20th century in a rural area. A group of girls need to make a crazy quilt in various shades of red—I can’t remember why—so they had to beg, borrow and steal fabric to make it. One of the girls goes to the general store with her father who is color blind and convinces him to buy a bolt of a particularly lurid shade of scarlet for a dress for her mother who was far from pleased when she received it.

2 thoughts on “302X: A crazy quilt in various shades of red

  1. Patricia Beatty’s Oh, The Red Rose Tree. (It made me, not a crafty person, want to learn how to quilt. An ambition that lasted about a week.)

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