304F: Cinderella is not exactly pretty

Cinderella book probably published 1975-1985. The twist is that she’s not exactly pretty. She’s tall, has big feet, etc. I don’t remember how it ends. I don’t remember much color on the pages. My local librarian couldn’t find it. Thank you!

3 thoughts on “304F: Cinderella is not exactly pretty

  1. A longshot, but could it be the Dragon of Wantley, which is a short story in a book called All Day Long Stories? It’s about a dragon who sets off to rescue a princess from an evil knight only to find out she’s not like most princesses.

  2. Is it the Algonquin version of Cinderella called “The Rough-Face Girl”? She’s scarred in the book. Might be way off on this guess as it wasn’t published until 1992.

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