304F: Cinderella is not exactly pretty

Cinderella book probably published 1975-1985. The twist is that she’s not exactly pretty. She’s tall, has big feet, etc. I don’t remember how it ends. I don’t remember much color on the pages. My local librarian couldn’t find it. Thank you!

6 thoughts on “304F: Cinderella is not exactly pretty

  1. A longshot, but could it be the Dragon of Wantley, which is a short story in a book called All Day Long Stories? It’s about a dragon who sets off to rescue a princess from an evil knight only to find out she’s not like most princesses.

  2. Is it the Algonquin version of Cinderella called “The Rough-Face Girl”? She’s scarred in the book. Might be way off on this guess as it wasn’t published until 1992.

  3. Jay Williams wrote The Practical Princess and other Liberating Fairy Tales in 1979. At least one of the princesses was written as plain, and the book I had was illustrated with black and white silhouettes.

  4. Ella’s Big Chance, by Shirley Hughes, is a retelling set in the 1920s, in which Ella Cinders is ginger-haired and unfashionably curvy. In the pictures she’s cute, though not astoundingly glamorous.

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