304I: The Little Brown Bunny

The title is something like “ The Little Brown Bunny”. The hardcover was greenish with a brown bunny on it toward the bottom center of front cover. It was from the 1960’s or possibly from the later 1950’s. My mother said it was NOT a Golden Book. The bunny on the front cover was possibly sleeping. The cover was mostly a soft light green. (We think.)

4 thoughts on “304I: The Little Brown Bunny

  1. Maybe The Golden Egg Book by Margaret Wise Brown? Despite the title, it has a sleepy bunny on the front, surrounded by greenery. (Or, at least the version I have does).

  2. It could be “Fussbunny” by Helen & Alf Evers. I am looking at it now. It has a green cover with a large brown bunny in the middle, sitting upright. It is not a golden book, though it is similar in size and shape. It was published in 1944 by Rand McNally & Company, though i read it growing up in the mid-50’s.

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