304N: Christmas Toy Shop

I’m having a hard time locating a picture book from my childhood (I was born in 1987.) I’m about to have my first child, and I’d love to have this book to share at the holidays.

The book takes place (I’m almost certain) at Christmas time in a toy shop. The shopkeeper closes the shop to take a holiday break and the toys come to life. They may or may not decorate the shop. I’m pretty sure that tin soldiers and gifts of candy are featured. I can’t remember if they are trying to do something nice for the shopkeeper (toy maker?) because he always fixes them when they are broken?

I don’t think Santa features in, nor do the toys make gifts for the less fortunate (as in one book I found.)

I grew up in Indiana, but spent some time when I was very young living in Australia, so there is a chance the book came from there. I don’t remember anything Australian about it, but thought it was worth mentioning.

Any ideas?


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