305C: Family, priced to sell (Solved)

Dear Book Stumper, 15-20 years ago I acquired a children’s book that was old at that time (it had been in a library that was being closed). I didn’t have the book long before I somehow lost it and since then I’ve not found another copy, nor have I found anyone who has ever heard of such a story. I don’t know the title, but the story line is this:

A man decides he wants a wife so goes to a Wife Store and selects one. After a while the couple decide they want children so they go to a Children Store and select several. As the story goes on, the children are given “names” (numbers or letters), pets, and I think the family gets a home and/or land. Several other stores are involved in the story. I seem to remember that the man’s/ family’s last name was “Hunkendunk,” but am by no means sure about it.

I’ve tried local libraries, local book sellers of new and used books, online, entering what information I remember, without success.  Does this story line ring a bell with anyone out there?


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    • I don’t know if I replied correctly before, but I thank you for your quick sleuthing. That is definitely the book. But doubt I’ll be getting a copy. I checked with Amazon, used books are $299.00, new $903.00. Can that be a mistake? or do old children’s books really bring that? Wow.
      Thanks again. Elaine McClish.

    • Thank you for the quick work. It was nice to see the book again (on line). I checked out prices on Amazon. found them way too high for me. $299.00 used, 9$903.00 new. Who would pay that? unless it was an error. . . ? Do such books really cost that much.

  1. Thank you so much, Jackie and Alec!. With Title and author, I should be able to track down a copy of this book. I’ve thought about it numerous times over the years, was happy to find a way to get info on it so easily!

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