305D: The beauty of an egg

I am trying to remember a children’s book with a lovely passage about Eggs. It was a poetic prose passage that was a reflection on the fragility of eggs and the new life they contain. I think it is from the point of view of a mother bird. The capitalization of the E was in there unless I’m remembering incorrectly.

I could swear it was EB White but I couldn’t find it. I checked The Secret Garden, Charlotte’s Web, and Make Way for Ducklings, but I didn’t find it. Can anyone identify it? Thanks very much.

4 thoughts on “305D: The beauty of an egg

  1. EB White wrote a lot about eggs — he raised hens and geese. But I’ll bet what you’re looking for is the essay “Incubation” in the book “Second Tree from the Corner.” If it’s not that, it may be another essay in that book, “The Hen: An Appreciation.”

  2. There was a bit in The Secret Garden. The mother robin is reflecting that the humans seem to understand the beauty and fragility of Eggs.

  3. E.B. White also wrote a lessen-known book, called “Trumpet of the Swan.” It was part of the trilogy with Charlotte’s Web and Stuart Little. It could easily have had a tribute to eggs, because Louis hatched from one.

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